PVU Customs And Immigration

CBP's top need is to shield psychological oppressors and their weapons from entering the U.S. while inviting every single authentic voyager and trade. CBP officials and specialists uphold all relevant U.S. laws, including against illicit migration, opiates sneaking, and unlawful importation. CBP sends exceptionally prepared law implementation staff who capture in excess of 1,000 people every day for associated infringement with U.S. laws.

All individuals entering the country are legitimately important to report to Customs anything contained in their things or passed on with them, which has been obtained outside of Grenada. Explorers are in like manner required to address all requests presented by the Customs Officer, relating to their developments, stuff, substance, and various things being imported. The combined Immigration/Customs explanation structures are flowed at ports of the area and leave, airplane and vessel experts, and their working environments. It is judicious to balance your certification early of your appearance in order to accelerate Immigration and Customs clearances. Since Provo Municipal Airport does not have international flights, international passengers can choose to land at 3850 West Terminal Drive International Arrivals Building Salt Lake City, UT 84116 USA, for customs clearance.

Baggage Claim

The baggage carousel is a painted square in the parking garage in front. Furthermore, on the off chance that you have a deferred flight and need a chomp, a solitary candy machine is your lone relief for nourishment.